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Nursing Home Injury Attorneys in Niagara Falls, New York

Legal Representation for Nursing Home Injury Victims

Technology and advances in safety and medicine have led to increased life expectancy. Oftentimes, the only available options for elderly care are assisted living or nursing homes. When elderly people are in a situation where they must rely on others for their basic needs, without the daily vigilance of family members, they sometimes find themselves at the mercy of caregivers who really don’t care—or in the worst cases, may go beyond being neglectful to becoming actively abusive.

A study by the National Center on Elder Abuse in the United States found that 50 percent of all nursing homes are understaffed, and some kind of patient abuse is going on in at least 30 percent of all nursing homes and caregiving facilities. Research shows that ONLY 20 percent of all instances of abuse even get reported.

Abuse can take a number of different forms: neglect that leads to bedsores, ulcers, or malnutrition; overmedication; physical abuse; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; and financial abuse are all types of elder abuse that sometimes occur in these facilities.

  • Physical abuse

  • Abuse or neglect

  • Malnutrition

  • Bedsores and ulcers

  • Over-medication or under-medication

  • Emotional abuse

  • Financial abuse

  • Sexual abuse

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Having experienced personal injury attorneys handling your claim will improve the likelihood of a recovery for your injuries along with the pain and suffering that you experienced.

At Viola, Cummings & Lindsay LLP, our personal injury attorneys have experience litigating elder abuse cases. We will assist you in pursuing an action against the negligent party to ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries whether by settlement or trial.

Our attorneys at Viola, Cummings & Lindsay LLP are well aware that travel can be difficult for seniors and are willing to meet with you and your family members, free of charge, at a place that is most convenient to you.

Our personal injury lawyers have extensive trial experience handling claims for our clients and for clients referred to us from other firms.