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Product Liability refers to that area of law that places liability with the manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of a defective product that causes injury or harm. In addition, an action can be brought against the individual component makers of parts for the defective product or the assembler of the product. Often times, the companies responsible for the defective product have chosen to proceed with the defective product or component instead of remedying the defect due to cost.

Defects in the product can occur in a number of ways, these include:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Component defects
  • Unreasonably dangerous products

For Product Liability Cases, Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys are Essential

Having experienced personal injury attorneys handling your claim will improve the likelihood of a recovery for your severe injuries and the future medical expenses and lost earnings along with the pain and suffering that you experienced.

At Viola Cummings & Lindsay, LLP, our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in litigating product liability cases. We will assist you in pursuing the product liability case to ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries whether by settlement or trial. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive trial experience handling defective product and product liability cases for our clients and for clients referred to us from other firms.

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